Welcome to theMcCartney & McClung Families Genealogy web site. Here we present the research results from the work of Craig McCartney and Donald J. Martin into McCartney ancestors, McClung cousins, and their many related families. Wehave concentrated on events in North America but alsoinclude some limited international information. Wehope that others may benefit in their own research, and perhaps assist us in return.

If you are researching any of the families on this site, you may find something of interest here. Perhapsyou would like to share your own data with us. In any case, send Craig an email by clicking on his name at the bottom of any page.

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Many of theindividual detail listings have a feature called Pop-up Pedigree near the top of each person's listing. If you click on it you will get a chart showing the parents and grandparents; you can navigate to them by clicking, if their name is underlined.

On the individual detailpages, source Citations (i.e., where did I get that information?)are given in anabbreviated, bibliographic style.This is only to save space. Complete citation details for every source mentionedare available, justsend Craig an email if you are interested.

You can help.

Please check the listings for all relatives of whom you have any knowledge. Submit questions, corrections, and missing information to by email, fax, postal letter, carrier pigeon, or personal visit.

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Craig McCartney & Donald J. Martin, Ph.D.