What We Offer

Basic Courses

Understanding Video - a 2 day seminar for those new to video and post production with specific emphasis on producing effective audio/visual messages.

Basic Systems - a 3 day course designed for edit suite operators who are unfamiliar with some devices, and want to creatively use all the equipment in the edit suite as an integrated post production tool.

Advanced Courses

System 8 - a 5 day course designed to unite editors, artists, producers and engineers into an effective, creative team empowered to create dynamic video programs quickly and creatively.

Advanced Systems - a 4 day course for experienced operators who want to push the limits of the high end features of their equipment.

Customized Services

Suite Evaluation - a comprehensive inspection and report on the state of your post production facilities with specific emphasis on maximizing your ability to create the types of productions your clients want.

On-Site Training, International is a full service training and support company offering courses in video production, post production, equipment operation and maintenance.

Manufacturers include: Equipment covered:
Abekas/Scitex audio switchers
Accom cameras
Ampex character generators
Avid digital disk recorders
BTS digital effects devices
Chyron edit controllers
Graham Pattan graphics systems
Lightworks paint systems
Tektronix switchers
Sony video tape recorders