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On-Site Training International signs with SporTVision

On-Site Training has entered into an agreement with SporTVision Inc. to design and produce a high level
training program for the company's unique new "1st and Ten" system. Conceived and designed by SporTVision
in cooperation with ESPN, "1st and Ten" creates and displays for the television viewer an electronic line
across the screen that represents the line on the field that must be reached for a first down.
The technology of "1st and Ten" is extremely sophisticated. The location of the first down is entered
into the system computer and then the system gathers data on the camera's pan, tilt, zoom, and focus functions.
With this information, "1st and Ten" knows where in the each frame of video the line should appear.

"SporTVision's commitment to training is part of what will keep them out in front," says On-Site Training
president Joan Zuckerman. "It's not enough to provide leading edge technology. The hands on the controls
are critical to making "1st and Ten" a success. The challenge for On-Site Training is to identify and train the
operators so they can show up at the first pre-season game on August 15th with experience and confidence.

SporTVision is always looking for good people. For more information see www.sportvision.com,
in the employment section.

On-Site Training Preps Digital Dazzle for Hewlett-Packard

On-Site Training International recently completed a project acquiring and preparing digital footage for
Hewlett-Packard to showcase the multiple channel capability of the HP MediaStream Broadcast Servers at NAB.
More than 100 post facilities and broadcasters were contacted for footage and the results were edited so
as to mimic a large master control room with multiple monitors showing various program channels.

MediaStream servers provide broadcasters with complete disk-based solutions for on-air applications including:
sport insertion (stand-alone and/or coaching), multi-channel broadcasting, network delay, program playback and
archiving and NVOD. Hewlett-Packard is a leader in the development of MPEG-2 compression technology with
award-winning picture quality and superior storage.

On-Site Training will be On-Site at NAB

Find us any morning at the Hewlett-Packard booth in the newly expanded North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center,
L12819. Or leave an email or voicemail message at the home office. We'll be checking it regularly.

On-Site Training International explores Applications with Cinebase Software

On-Site Training is working with Cinebase Software to coordinate application-specific activities with
broadcasters and other new markets for the company.
Cinebase is a developer of asset management software and has recently acquired E-motion Inc.
Cinebase software will be demonstrated at NAB. The booth location for Cinebase is L10605.